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Do Starbucks Frappuccinos Have Coffee?

do frappuccinos have coffee

When you are trying to decide what beverage to order or make for the day one question you might have is do frappuccinos have coffee in the mixture? This is one of the trademarked brand names for Starbucks for their blended, iced beverages and it normally has crème based and cold brew that is blended with various ingredients and ice. Read Here: Best Starbucks Coffees

It also is then topped with some flavored syrups or whipped cream and you can purchase these at the store, any convenience stores, and much more. These are going to be made with some of the top quality cold brews and you can not only get them at Starbucks, but you can find them at different cafes and stores all over the world. Here is our comprehensive guide to help you know more about this beverage and much more.

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History of the Frappuccino

do frappuccinos have coffee

When you are thinking do frappuccinos have coffee you are going to want to know that they do have the bean pressed brew. This word was originally trademarked and coined in Boston where the frappe was an ice cream-based milkshake along with the cappuccino, which is an espresso with some frothed milk.

This was created by the Coffee Connection before it was purchased by Starbucks back in 1994. The recipe for this beverage is a fusion of various cold beverages, including their brew based frap, which is close to iced brew or the frappe, which is blended milk, sugar, and ice cream.

However, the traditional recipe that is most often by many cafes and shops all over the world is blended brew, sugar, milk, ice, flavored syrups, and some whipped cream for the top. This doesn’t have much of the brew as other beverages and if you want, then you can easily adjust the amount of caffeine that you are getting.


Types of Frappuccinos Available

There are many types of beverages that you are going to want to consider when you are thinking do frappuccinos have coffee. Here are some of the main versions that you can get that you can either make at home or order at various cafes, including:

  • Decaffeinated – If you don’t want the caffeine that would come along with the normal beverage, then you can ask them to make it with decaffeinated versions. This would mean that you won’t have to deal with the caffeine kick that you would get, but you can still enjoy the same delicious flavor. Read Here: Best Decaf Coffee
  • Creme – If you don’t want to have any caffeine or the black brew in your beverages, then you are going to want to go with the crème version. These can be made with a base that is either mocha, caramel, vanilla bean, strawberry, chocolate, and much more. You are going to want to make sure that you are using the right sauce or syrup that would add the required flavor to your beverage.
  • Nondairy – If you don’t drink normal milk, then you are going to want to consider making your beverage without dairy milk. This can easily be changed out for soy or even almond milk depending on what is available and what you have at home. You just need to make sure that you are taking the right quantities of each ingredient and mixing them together.

The more you know about the various types of beverages that you can order or even make at home, then the easier it would be for you to figure out what you enjoy. Make sure that you know what you can enjoy and what might be an option that you can try to and experiment with.

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Materials Needed to Make a Frappuccino

do frappuccinos have coffee

No matter what you are thinking when it comes to do frappuccinos have coffee you need to know the materials that you would want to have on hand. Some of the materials include:

  • Beans – Make sure that you have the ground beans that you want to use and if you aren’t getting pre-ground, then you need to have a grinder. Ensure that you are picking a bean that has the flavor that you would enjoy and that works well cold. Read Here: Best Whole Coffee Beans 
  • Grinder – If you aren’t purchasing pre-ground beans, then you are going to want to have this on hand. You would be able to use coarsely ground beans to make the brew before adding it into the beverage of your choice. Read Here: Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders: Which is Right for You?
  • Blender – You also need to have a blender on hand that would help you to create the perfect slushiness of the cold beverage. You need to know how much your blender can handle and the ideal level of frozen ingredients to add.
  • Container – Another thing that you need to have ready is a container, which can be a bowl or something else like an ice cube tray. Make sure that it can hold the entire amount of liquid that you want to freeze easily and that you can pop everything out.
  • Ingredients – Ensure that you are thinking about what flavor you are going to want so that you have all of the extra items ready. This could include sugar, flavoring syrups, cocoa powder, and much more, including milk.
  • Frozen fruit – If you don’t want one that has a strong taste, then you can change it out with some fruit, so make sure that you have it ready and it should be frozen. This would work well with your typical drink, especially if you are going with coconut.
  • Ice cubes – If you want to add some ice cubes after you have blended everything up, then you are going to want to create special ones. Ensure that you are adding more brew or some of the flavoring agent into the tray and freeze it so that you can add it into the beverage to avoid the dilution of using normal ice cubes.

These are just a few of the top materials that you are going to need to have on hand, so make sure that you have them ready. The more you know, then the easier it will be for you to have everything out and in a single location to make preparation easier.

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Flavors and Recipes for a Quick Frappuccino

There are also going to be plenty of recipes that you are going to need to know before you think do frappuccinos have coffee, including the types and ingredients that you can add. Here are some of the top ingredients that you can add to your beverage, such as:

  • Salted caramel – This can be made easily by adding a small amount of caramel sauce to your recipe along with the right amount of salt you want. If you want you would also be able to add a bit of the caramel or syrup to the top of the beverage after you are done blending.
  • Mocha – If you like to have a bit more chocolate flavor to the beverage, then you are going to want to add some cocoa powder. This would give it the same look like the normal beverage, but if you don’t add the brew, then you can use this as the taste.
  • Pumpkin – The hottest flavor that everyone waits for year-round is the pumpkin flavor and if you love this, then you can make this at home all of the time. You just need to add around 1/3 cup of pumpkin puree along with ¼ teaspoon of either pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon as well.

These are the most commonly added flavors and ones that you might want to experiment with at home. You are also going to want to know the main recipe so that you can make it at home if you don’t want to spend money. Here is the recipe that you are going to have to follow, such as:


  • 2 cups of your chosen milk, which can be dairy or another substitute
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoon decaffeinated instant or regular brew
  • 1/16 teaspoon of salt
  • Choice of sweetener, which should be 3 tablespoons


Make sure that you have all of the ingredients together so that you can get started on the process. First, you are going to whisk all of these ingredients together and then place in a shallow container or even your ice cube tray and freeze.

Once they have been frozen you can easily pop them out and then thaw them until your blend will be able to blend them. Go ahead and start the blending until you get the slushiness that you want. You can add some extra sweetener if you need it, but avoid adding ice if you don’t want the flavor to be diluted.

There are plenty of other ingredients that you can add if you want, including banana, chai, berries, cinnamon, or cocoa. If you want to add some extra ice cubes, then make them beforehand and make them of a liquid of your chosen flavor or even of the brew. This would help to keep the flavor from being overly diluted while still keeping it cold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

do frappuccinos have coffee

There are many questions that you are going to have when it comes to the beverages that you want to enjoy. The more of the answers that you know, then the easier it can be for you to make the best choice for your needs, so here are some of the top questions, including:

  • Do frappuccinos have coffee?

These drinks do have some brew in them, but when it comes down to the amount they will have a lot less than other options you can order. If you don’t want the caffeine that comes with the black brew without affecting the flavor, then you can go with a decaffeinated option.

  • What flavors work the best in this beverage?

There are plenty of flavors that you can play with that you are going to want to experiment with, especially if you are making it at home. Some of the top flavors that you can add include salted caramel, chocolate, coconut, mocha, pumpkin spice or even change up the flavors with different types of milk like almond or soy.

  • Do these work with non-dairy milk?

If you can’t tolerate dairy-based products, then there will be options that you could use instead like coconut milk, almond milk, or even soy milk. You just need to add the same amount of this milk that you would the typical milk to enjoy your beverage, but make sure you are considering if you are going with flavored milk.

  • Will this beverage give me a huge kick of energy?

If you are interested in getting a big kick of energy from the caffeine in this iced beverage, then it won’t be enough likely. It will give you a small amount of energy, but if you want to have more, then you should ask for a double shot of espresso or go for a black brew. This isn’t going to be a good source of high caffeine levels since they don’t have a lot of the brew in them.

  • Can I add ice cubes without diluting the flavor?

Once you have blended all of your ingredients to the right consistency for you, then you might want to consider what you can do to keep it cold. You shouldn’t add normal ice cubes to the cold beverage if you don’t want to dilute it, but there are options you can go for. If you are thinking ahead you can freeze more of the brew or even the flavoring syrups that you could add into the beverage to keep it from being diluted when the ice cubes are melting.

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Final Thoughts

Go ahead and make sure that you are aware that do frappuccinos have coffee, which is yes, unless you make it with a decaffeinated brew or if you avoid adding it all. You can make these at home and you can enjoy the beverage just like you want it, which means adding all necessary flavors. You don’t have to sacrifice the flavor to get the sugar rush that you need, especially if you know some tricks to keep the flavor intact.