These days there are plenty of options for the best low acid coffee and these brands are great because they can help with acid reflux and heartburn.

Many makers of the blends have started to see the issues that some of their customers have and they have started to produce those with less.

However, there are plenty of brands that you would be able to enjoy without having to worry about your stomach and any other issues.


Top 10 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

You are going to want to make sure that you know what some of the best low acid coffee options are that you can buy. Here are just 10 of the top options that you might want to try out for your caffeine fixes, including:


1) Lifeboost Coffee 

Lifeboost Coffee

This is an organic bean that you can try that has a rich and deep flavor of chocolate while having an aftertaste that is clean. You also get notes of cocoa, caramel, and honey from the Arabica beans and these are slow-roasted in smaller batches to keep the taste intact. The best methods for brewing this brand are French Press, manual or traditional dropper, and espresso.



2) Folgers

folger coffee review

You might not think about it, but the well-known instant bean brand, Folgers, has a very popular option in this category. They use green beans and they work hard to ensure that their practices are sustainable and will create a brighter future.

This blend is perfectly blended and delicately balanced so you can get an amazing aroma and you can brew this as an entire pot or even one cup.



3) Volcanica’s Sumatran Gayo

vulcanica coffee review

Another option for the best low acid coffee is this Indonesian blend that has an extremely rich aroma and a delicious smooth taste. This is created using the wet process and the beans are from various volcanic sections from all over the globe.

They have over 130 variations that you can try, including flavored, decaffeinated, raspberry, single-tier, and much more.



4) Java Planet

Java Planet low acid coffee

This brand is non-GMO and creates organic blends using Arabica beans from Colombia that are also roasted in smaller batches to

keep the freshness and taste intact. It has a sophisticated taste that is perfect for snacking and it goes well with cookies and peanuts and it is ideal for having a light cup during the day or even for breakfast.



5) HealthWise

HealthWise low acid coffee

This brand is FDA approved and they use the latest technology to lower the levels in their beans. They use a process called TechnoRoasting that works to protect the various properties of the beans while roasting as well as preserving the required nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.



6) Tieman’s Fusion

Tieman’s Fusion low acid coffee

This is a fusion band that uses Arabica beans that come from Central and South America. It is a fusion because it has matcha green tea and red rooibos tea that is added, which gives it a nearly neutral character while still having a higher level of antioxidants.

The matcha green tea helps with burning off extra fat while generating energy so you can get an increase of caffeine without indigestion or nervousness. This is often enjoyed using the French Press method more than other brewing preparations.




7) Simpatico

Simpatico review

This brand uses only Arabica beans that make it perfect for an after-dinner cup and the beans come directly from Oaxaca in Mexico. These are grown without chemicals and in the shade before being roasted in small batches. This means that the beans have a smooth, rich taste that is perfect from a dark roasted batch.



8) Puroast


This brand uses Venezuelan beans that are roasted slowly over some burning wood, which lowers the levels by around 70%. This brand has around 7 times more in terms of antioxidants than other brands or even green tea, which means you can enjoy it.

This blend is also kosher, which means you are going to have an aromatic and pleasant taste that comes from the dark roast.



9) Mommee

Mommee low acid coffee

This is going to be a perfect option for pregnancy since it was created by Emily when she was pregnant. This has lower levels of caffeine along with no chemicals and this is going to help moms feel as if they were at a cafe without having to worry about ingesting the caffeine and hurting their babies.



10) Lucy Jo’s

Lucy Jo’s

This brand is owned by a family and it is found in New York and they use only Arabica beans that are organic from Brazil and Indonesia. This blend has some subtle notes of dark chocolate and cherry along with an earthy, sweet flavor and it is perfect if you are going to drip, French Press, or do the pour-over brewing.





Benefits of Enjoying the Best Low Acid Coffee

There are numerous health benefits that you are going to need to be aware of when it comes to the best low acid coffee. Some of these includes:


  • Lighter on the abdomen – If you have gastritis, GERD or ulcers, then you won’t be able to enjoy the full level blends. However, you can still enjoy the flavor if you go with one of these brands for your morning cup. This would also work for those who have high acid reflux or other issues.
  • Good for teeth – If you are having a few cups of the beverage on a regular basis, then your teeth might have been affected. The enamel can be removed by the acid and if you aren’t drinking high levels of it, then it is going to be better for your teeth.
  • Safe for lactose and gluten intolerance – If your body can’t handle lactose or gluten, then these beans would work for you. This is because the blend is going to be a lot less sour, which means you won’t have as much inflammation, but you can still enjoy the flavor and the caffeine.

Make sure that you are aware of these health benefits when you are trying to figure out which bean or blend is going to work for you. The more you think about, then the easier it will be for you to decide to go this route, especially if drinking the beverage is causing health issues.


Top Brewing Methods for Low Acid Coffee

There are numerous brewing methods that you can use when it comes to the best low acid coffee and you should be aware of what they are. Some of the top ones include:

  • Cold – If you love to have a cold beverage or if you feel it’s too hot for anything else, then the cold brew would work well. You can easily pour some of the ground beans on to the bottom of a container and then pour the water over it. You should let it sit for around 12 hours before you strain the liquid and then mix it with ice or other ingredients.
  • Drip – For those who want something basic and black, then the drip or pour-over method is going to be ideal. You can simply add the right amount of ground beans to the filter and the tank and then let it go. This works well with all types of beans and you can enjoy a delicious cup without having to do a lot of work.
  • French Press – You should make sure to consider using the French Press method since it can also lower the levels in the brew. This is perfect, so make sure that the grinds are coarsely ground so that they don’t slip into the final brew after the plunger is pushed down.
  • Espresso – You no longer need to worry about the brew or beverage setting off your stomach, which means you can enjoy it as espresso. This is just a strong black brew and you can easily make this by using your drip machine or even by doing it on the stove with an espresso machine.

Make sure that you are aware of these brewing methods so that you can use them when it comes to your own cup in the morning. There are also some other items that you might want to have handy or add to your cup, including:

  • Creamer – Make sure that you have creamer ready and that you are finding one that works well with your brew. However, you are also going to want to find one that won’t set off your digestive system and that won’t add any extra acidity to the beverage.
  • Sugar – Ensure that you have your sugar ready, which could be normal sugar or even aspartame depending on your needs. Figure out how much would work the best in your cup and then enjoy it so that you can have a delicious cup whenever you want it.

These are just a few things that you need to have ready that can make the brewing process easier and so you can change up the type of beverage that you are enjoying.


Frequently Asked Questions:

There are going to be plenty of questions that you might want to consider when you are looking at the options for the best low acid coffee. Here are some of them that you want to know about, including:

  • What exactly is this type of bean?

These are beans that are lower in terms of acidity and this means that they use the pH scale. The normal brew has around a 4pH level with black roasted being the least is around 5.

However, these special blends have a pH level of around 6 and water has a pH level of 7. This means that the brew that you are going to be making would have the same pH level that water might have, which means a lower chance of setting off your stomach and digestive system.

  • Is this type of bean good for those who suffer from acid reflux?

If you regularly are dealing with acid reflux, but still want to enjoy your daily cups of the hot beverage, then this is going to be perfect. Not only will it work for those who are suffering from this ailment, but it will be good for those who have any other types of gastrointestinal problems.  No matter what type of stomach or digestion issues you suffer from this is going to be a good switch to try for your body.

  • Is this type of brew going to be better for your health?

Your body is going to be able to adjust its own pH level, but if you have a lower level of it in your body, then it will be easier for it to adjust. This can also help with keeping your teeth in good condition along with preventing cancer, psoriasis, sleep disturbances, and even obesity. If you are dealing with any of these problems, then you should consider making the change.

  • Are there decaffeinated blends of this bean?

If you don’t want to deal with the caffeine along with avoiding upsetting your stomach, then there are options for that. Make sure that you are finding which brands have the decaffeinated blends and ensure that you are purchasing those.

This is important if you don’t want to have the nervousness or jitters that come with the caffeine or even if you want to enjoy it late at night.


Final Thoughts

You should always make sure that if you have stomach issues or other digestive problems that you are trying out the best low acid coffee. This would be a great way for you to still enjoy the beverage without having to cut it out of your diet completely.

You no longer need to worry about upsetting your body or your system when you enjoy this, so make sure that you are considering this as an option when you are looking at ways to help your body.

These are just some of the top brands and brewing methods to consider, so make sure that you are checking them out when it comes to your needs. You don’t need to suffer if there are other ways that you can enjoy your daily cup without causing any unnecessary pain or suffering.