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Best Electric Coffee Grinders

Best Electric Coffee Grinders

Electric coffee grinders are very important items in coffee making, the efficiency of a coffee maker depends on the design of the grinder, and its capabilities.

Before you start brewing your coffee, you need to grind it into a beautiful form. It is one of the most crucial steps of coffee making.

Using any of the best electric coffee grinders, you can rub it into fine small particles or leave some chunks inside, it all depends upon your own choice.

But the thing that you need to take care of is that you should grind the coffee beans accurately to enjoy your perfect cup. 

Even though there has been a lot of innovation in technology during the past few years, there are still only a few conventional methods for properly grinding your coffee.

The oldest one of them all includes doing so using a pestle and mortar while the latest one involves the use of a coffee grinding machine. 

All of the best electric coffee grinders work on a similar principle as an electric blender.

But while using a coffee grinding machine, you should be careful not to turn your coffee into mud or to do it not so fine that it clogs the holes of your coffee brewer. 

Keep in mind that a finely grounded coffee will have more contact with the hot water so it will be brewed quickly and give your coffee a better taste and aroma.

But while doing so, you don’t need to grind it over because then it will start looking like a powder and all the essential oils will be destroyed. 

Before we dive in let’s take a quick look at top 10 best electric coffee grinders list features.

Top 5 Best Electric Coffee Grinders





History of Coffee Grinder

As mentioned above, during the earlier times, a pestle and mortar were used for grinding coffee beans, but in 1806, the first coffee grinding machine was invented by Nicholas Book.

It is said that he did so by making crank mills for grinding coffee into powder which later turned into a proper grinding machine. Romans also used this method for the same purpose. 

best electric coffee grinders
  • Electric coffee grinder:

Up until the last century, there was no electric grinder for the coffee beans. People used to ground their coffee by using the invention of Nicholas Book. But in 1898, a manufacturing company of Ohio invented the first electrical coffee grinder.

Although it was a great invention, still several people kept working on it until they excelled in turning it into a more the proper machine.

This improvement was made during the years of 1905 and 1913. 

  • Antique coffee grinders:

What picture do you have in mind when you think about grinding fresh coffee beans? Do you think about a modern electrical coffee grinding machine?

Well if your answer is yes, then let me tell you that in the past, we have had such beautiful antique coffee grinders. Mentioned below are some of the details regarding them so that you can know more about these antique coffee grinders?

  • The first coffee grinder, a pestle and mortar:

Coffee has been one of the most ancient parts of our world. People have been drinking coffee while going on a long journey to keep them active. It is said that the ancient Egyptians were among the first people to grind coffee beans

into powder and to realize that it tastes better this way. These people either used stone or an iron pestle and mortar to grind the coffee beans. 

If you think those were some ordinary-looking pestle and mortar, you couldn’t be more wrong. They had such exquisite design that those pestle and mortar are now kept in several museums of Europe and the United States of America.

They belong to the seventeenth century and mostly bronze in color. Upon looking at them, you will be reminded of those old royal times where even pestle and mortar was a fine example of excellent craftsmanship.

  • Antique gold coffee grinders:

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, there are a lot of beautifully designed old coffee grinders which were used during the Indo-Persian times.

Made up of brass and teak wood, they were decorated with green and red jewels. These coffee grinders were commonly called coffee mills and were only used by the Royals of those centuries. 

Evolution of coffee grinding machines

Apart from this, during the 15th century, some people also used a spice grinder for grinding coffee. From that period to the time of getting ready-made coffee grounds, a coffee grinding machine has undergone a lot of changes.

Some of these changes include the addition of a pocket, a cylinder and a combination of grinders along with a folding cup.

How is it made?

A coffee grinding machine of modern days consists of different parts. Most of these machines are made up of aluminum, plastic, silicon, or any good quality metal.

There are a lot of big electronic brands that are famous for making the best electric coffee grinders. The primary thing that makes a considerable difference among all the freeing machines is the type of blade that is installed inside them. 

Stainless steel

It is used for lining the aluminum material to protect it. An aluminum coffee grinder surrounded by steel is considered to be a more durable and efficient one. 


Most of the coffee grinding machines are made up of aluminum. The reason is that it is cheap, but it has excellent thermal conductivity. Other than this, it doesn’t destroy so it lasts you longer as compared to other ones. 


It is mainly used for designing purposes. It coats the exterior side of the electrical grinder in order or gives it a more portable look. 


Brass is a mixture of zinc and copper and has a lower thermal conductivity. People prefer buying a coffee grinder made up of brass because it is light in weight and easier to work with. 

No matter what sort of material is used in the making of the best electrical coffee grinders, the only thing that will make a difference in your coffee taste is how it is being grounded.

Many people believe that a coffee grinder using blades doesn’t taste as good as the one that is grounded in a machine without edges.

But all of it comes down to your own preference, so do your research before buying it. 

Types of electrical grinders

best electric coffee grinders

The best electric coffee grinders have been used for a very long time. Over the years, various kinds of grinding machines and grinders have been built.

These are named as per cause, design, and factor. Keep in mind that all types of grinders look a little different from one another, and some are of similar types. These grinders are categorized on the basis of sizes, functionality, and material.

Grinding beans is a technique that makes your coffee delicious and wonderful. It depends on the user, which type of grinder they prefer to use.

It sounds like a hassle to grind the coffee, but these grinding machines pulverize your beans to increase their flavor. Some of the important types of the best grinders are here.

Burr Grinders

It chops coffee beans uniform and small sizes. It is good to make a coffee which is tasty. These beans move around burrs  and the output is some kind of cocoa bean powder.  

You can change its setting as per your needs. These settings decide the distance between the surfaces. If the distance is less, then you will get the best and fine powder.

Flat Versus conical burrs

So, you want to know which type of burr is good, but these items perform pretty similarly, so a user should not worry about the types and kids of the product.

With a space between the two parallel rings, the flat burrs are famous. These are used to enter the beans to be sheared into the coffee.

On the other hand, conical burrs contain cones in the ring that grind your beans down into the correct size.

Blade grinders

These are used with the a double type pronged blade which can spin quickly and chop the beans of coffee into small and nice pieces in matter of seconds. Some of the grinders have a single press button.

 When these coffee beans hit the blades, these are converted into small pieces.

Blade grinders sometimes don’t chop all the beans. It is important to crush once again. It produces heat during the process. This leads to a change of the flavor.

Blade Vs. Burr Grinders

There are two major kinds of coffee grinders: burr grinders and blade grinders. Most of the users say that a blade grinder is not very much suitable because these do not grind the coffee beans to a fine uniform particle size.

It comes into the seen uneven brew. On the other hand, the burr grinders are expensive as compared to the blade grinders. These are available at diverse price rates.

Now, you need to know more about burr grinders. These machines work by utilizing two serrated pieces of ceramic and metal. It crushes the beans in the exact size.

So, you need to know which type of burrs is suitable for you. Some of the important types of burrs that are used in the grinders are given below.

Ceramic versus burrs

Steel burrs are more common and affordable in coffee grinders, but the ceramics are long-lasting. These are utilized in hand grinders manually and for grinding espresso beans perfectly.

Having a well-made, consistent, and powerful grinders are good to make a delicious mug of coffee with your ground beans.

High-speed coffee bean grinder

The performance of these grinders is great and they contain beefier motor and flat type burr sets. It has high RPMs, which makes the crushing time very short.

These types of grinders have the same texture and are a suitable preference for all coffee drinkers and lovers. Flat burrs are used to increase the taste and flavor.

Low-Speed coffee bean grinder

They have low speed as compared to others, you will see two options like conical burr and flat burr low speed. These are good for the users because it works with the low rpm. It means that there will be low speed because it rotates at a low speed.

Gear reduction 

It is made up of a powerful motor with high-speed. This coffee grinder comes with the set many gears which slow down the speed. It can use the DC motor and offers the durability of the grinder.

Instead of using a good grinder, it is better to take gear reduction. This is a user’s friendly device that works with the best services.

Direct Drive

It is one of the good coffee grinders that can be one of the costliest types. In commercial areas like cafes and hotels, it is used. Instead of the high motor, it works with less speed motor.

It offers high-quality beans grinding to enhance the flavor of the coffee.

The best quality espresso machines are extremely peaceful without any sound.  No discernible sound and thus make no unsettling influence while making espresso.

Inferable from their numerous advantages, they are usually found in expert and business ventures.

Angle Grinders

These grinders are famous with the name of the disc grinders, side grinders, and angle grinders. These are the most common and popular types of grinders.

With a wide array of benefits, these items boast a wheel at the right angle to the handle shaft of the tool. This tool is used in construction and fabrication work.

It is the versatility that contains the ability to use them with several types of cutters and attachments.

Materials used in electric coffee grinders

best electric coffee grinders

The best electric coffee grinders are used with different types of materials that offer longevity and high-quality. It depends on what you are going to make.

All these materials make these machines compatible and easy to use for the users. A high-quality material type allows multiple things to be processed.

These grinders are designed with the following materials. 

  • Aluminum 

The electric grinders are formed with aluminum for durability and other reasons. It offers shine and attraction to the machine. It tries to make things biodegradable.

  • Plastic

It is a lightweight material and is very famous these days because of its material which free from BPA. These are compact and portable for users.

  • Stainless steel

The blades of the best electric coffee grinders are designed with stainless steel because it makes it easier for the users to grind the coffee beans.

This material is safe and secure and very easy to wash in the dishwashers. In the industry, the demand for this material is at its peak.

Tips for using them

There are some of the tips that can make working with the best electric coffee grinders exclusive and easy. Some of the tips are given here.

  • Coffee beans grinding is an art, and you can only learn the art through loads of practice. Practice until you can learn perfectly how to grind the beans without having to rely on internet recipes. 
  • Match the size of the grind to the size of the brew.
  • Learn how to dial in your coffee grinder, for this you will see the manual of your machine.
  • Always clean your machine before and after use to get the best results. Using them more than once will ruin the experience for you. Don’t make the mistake of saving up money while buying the best electric coffee grinders. You will indefinitely scar your taste buds. 

Brewing methods

For coffee lovers, who like to brew a wonderful cup of java at home with different types of beans like organic coffee beans, there are six popular brewing methods.

Now, you need to learn your process will boil to your personal technique, time, and taste. Some of the brew methods are here.

  • Coffee cone, Drip/pour-over

It is one of the cheapest, fastest, and simplest brewing methods, using paper filters and cones to brew coffee by boiling water. With gravity, brewed liquid drips directly and slowly into the mug or pot.

These cones are made with ceramics, stainless steel, glass, or plastic. In this method, the filter and shape of the cone are important for a wonderful flavor.

  • Chemex is dripping or pouring over the method

It is formed to pour liquid in a glass flask. The use of the special Chemex paper filter is heavier, about 20 to 30 percent than other filters. The user pours the hot water in the coffee ground paper.

It drips into the bottom of the pot and multiplies its own carafe. You will love its non-acidic, sweet notes, floral, refined, cleaner, and balanced flavor.

  • French Press 

It is the easiest and the best method for consistent and superior brewing coffee. For offering a wonderful flavor and taste of the coffee, this is admired by the majority of the people.

Users can strain it over the water, and you can add essential oils, anti-oxidants, caffeine, and others to enhance its flavor.

  • Aeropress

In this method of brewing, users take a filter paper and set it in a coffee basket at the end of the brew chamber. Hot water is included in the ground coffee brew chamber, and then the user steeps or immerses the coffee.

You will love it’s nice flavor and taste.

Reasons to use them

best electric coffee grinders

There are several reasons to use the best electric coffee grindersbut most of the coffee lovers like it to enhance the taste of their coffee drink. Some of the important reasons are here.

  • Grinds consistently

The best electric coffee grinders ensure the ground coffee does not clump together. Therefore, most of the users prefer using it because it keeps the beans cool while grinding and assists distributing coffee in the pot.

  • Offers a high-quality ground coffee 

It is one of the best ways to grind beans in front of you in your kitchen. You are satisfied with the quality and taste of the beans.

  • Enhance the flavor

Make your drink on your own by including your favorite flavors. Coffee is that one drink that you just can’t rely on anyone to mess it up. Investing in the best electric coffee grinders is a good decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions in your mind then, go through the list here. We have compiled a small list of some frequently asked questions from our customers. 

Q. Is it easy to maintain the electric coffee grinder?

A. Yes, just like any other electronic appliance, you can easily care about it. But unlike most devices, maintenance is cleaning the machine and using it in a clean environment. 

Q. Is it reusable?

A. Yes, it is. You can clean it after every use because it is designed for multiple uses. It will not degrade the quality and taste of the second cup of coffee. 

Q. Is there any technical support available?

A. yes, there is. Customer-oriented brands always help their customers. You can either contact your seller or head over to the official website. Their 24/7 customer service is open every day. 

Q. Are these items available with a warranty?

A. Yes, these are. Always, buy the product, after checking the warranty time. The longer the warranty means, the higher the durability. 

Q. Can I grind other things in the coffee grinder?

A. yes, sure, you can add any kind of additive – be it sugar or spice – in your coffee blend after you are done preparing it in the machine. 

Q. Where can I buy it online?

A. You can buy a high-quality product from its official website or your retailer or contact them through Amazon. 

Final Verdict

Perfectly ground coffee beans can enhance your coffee flavor. With all this knowledge, you can prepare a wonderful mug of coffee for you and for your family and peers.

It is a fact that people never compromise on quality and flavor. We hope that our informative guide on the best electric coffee grinders can help you a lot. 

If you still need any information, you can read above once more to have your questions answered.