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Is Espresso Good for You? Facts You Probably Didn’t Know (Until Now)

Is espresso good for you

Is espresso good for you? This is the most common question that any coffee lover should ask. Drinking coffee has definitely become a big part of people’s lives. For a coffee lover, a day would not be complete without them having a coffee in a subtle way. That is why people have different ways to enjoy coffee pretty much more. They mostly make a different twist for it.

One of these is the espresso café. Espresso is a bit different from ordinary coffee. The roasting for espresso is much longer than just an ordinary coffee and the coffee beans used are much more. It is also finely ground. Read Here: Top 10 Best Espresso Coffee Beans

It is indeed a complicated drink with a complicated method used. To be able to have the perfect cup, the instructions will have to be followed correctly.


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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know (Until Now)

Is espresso good for you

  • Espresso is an Italian word that derived from the words “forced out.” It is to describe how the making of espresso works.
  • Espresso is a drink and it does not refer to a type of bean.
  • The espresso is originated from Italy since the people there really loves drinking coffee and takes a big part of the Italian Culture.
  • Many people wonder what to call the brown on top of espresso which called crema. By looking at it, you can observe if the beans specially used are usually fresh or not and how long it has been extracted.
  • By making espresso it has to be 42 coffee beans to make one great cup.
  • Espresso was originated for about a century ago. There are people who were credited for developing machines and for improvements they made as years passed by.
  • People often have mistakes in pronouncing the word espresso. It is incorrectly pronounced as “ex-press-so” instead of “es-press-so.”
  • The content of espresso in terms of fat is way more than a filtered coffee for the reason that coffee beans contain natural oils that cause espresso to have more fat content.
  • Espresso has less caffeine than drip coffee.
  • Espresso also helps the body to gain strength and it increases the adrenaline in the blood which in turn is used to make our body more active in daily activities.
  • Though it has more fat content than drip coffee, it can literally help with losing weight. It regulates the sugar levels in the blood because it has potassium and magnesium that helps the body to use the insulin. It is also good because it helps us avoid the temptation of eating unhealthy foods.
  • Adding creams and sugar on it has the possibility to lose the natural ability of coffee to help in losing weight. Read Here: Top 10 Best Espresso Machines Under $300
  • The espresso can also help the brain to have a long-term memory. It able the brain to store such information and recall and remember the things stored in.
  • It also lowers the risk of developing serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke, memory loss, and other severe illnesses.


Is Espresso Good for You?

All that takes in an excessive way is not good at all. Just as drinking espresso is good for your health, it will not actually be good if we drink too much. Therefore, espresso should be taken in moderation to prevent unexpected illnesses.

Before you go and have a cup of espresso, you need to know the health benefits that it offers to make you enjoy drinking it more.


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10 Health Benefits in Drinking Espresso


1) It keeps our memory sharp and enhances long-term memory

Some studies showed that two cups of espresso consumed is beneficial in enhancing the process of memory consolidation. The study also concluded that they did not find any improvements to those who consumed more or less than two cups which is the recommended amount only.

2) It can help you lose your weight

What makes espresso different from other beverages is its low-calorie. It also gives you the energy to be more active in your exercise performance. Aside from making exercises easier, it also less the muscle pain given by heavy exercises.

3) It helps you prevent suffering from a stroke

The researchers found out that due to antioxidants contains by the coffee beans used to make espresso, the people who used to drink this coffee have fewer chances to suffer from a stroke.

4) It reduces the risk of Diabetes

Consuming a limited amount of espresso is a good one to protect us from having type 2 diabetes. One natural compound of coffee is caffeine. It helps to control blood sugar.

5) It develops good mood and lessens the risk of having depression

We all have that brain hormone called adenosine. Coffee does have caffeine which blocks the function of adenosine. It only means that you are able to enjoy the activities that you can do more than before.

Espresso café makes anyone who drinks it happier because it stimulates in the brain. It is also good for decreasing the chances of having depression.

6) It keeps you away from having cancer

Having one or two cups of espresso a day helps prevent the risk of having cancer specifically liver cancer. The study shows that one cup reduces 20% and two cups reduce 35% of getting liver cancer.

Another is prostate cancer, one research study mentioned that coffee with an Italian style can reduce the development of prostate cancer.

7) It can help to have good oral health

One function of antioxidants found in coffee is making your teeth not so adhesive. It is useful because it weakens the bacteria in the teeth so it is easier to clean.

8) It helps improves digestion

When you are feeling sick after a meal like a thunderstorm inside your stomach, a cup of espresso can help. it helps the digestive cycle to move correctly and it is because of the anti-inflammatory qualities.

9) It gives energy

Caffeine takes a big part in supplying energy to a body. It awakens the hormones in the brain which distributes to the body to have an active and productive day.


10) It is beneficial to skin

Beautiful and flawless skin is considered to be an asset to everyone, especially to women. Espresso takes part also in improving your skin.

It helps block the skin pores from the toxins and pollutants coming from the environment. Caffeine also takes responsibility for blood flow. It prevents the skin from having wrinkles and fine lines.

As from the stated benefits above indicates how good espresso is. Because it is good for our health when drinking is controlled, we might think how can we drink it or does it have a proper way to drink.


How to Enjoy Drinking a Cup of Espresso

Is espresso good for you


STEP #1.  Make sure to have the right cup

A perfect cup of espresso is one of the most exciting parts when drinking it. One institute in Italy specifies what type of cup do they used Italian Espresso in serving espresso is a cup made from China.

It is a white and ceramic cup it is used because if they choose another cup it might destroy the perfect cup of espresso.

STEP #2. Sparkling water must be sip

While watching the baristas all over the world you can see that they are serving espresso with sparkling water. You might actually ask what is this for, sparkling water is responsible in cleansing the taste buds so when you sip the espresso you can fully enjoy the taste of espresso café.

STEP #3. Stir the crema

It cannot be considered as a perfect cup if the crema on top is not fully made. It takes time to make it a flawlessly beautiful crown of espresso.

By spending so much time to make the perfect crema, now you will just stir it, you might ask why? Crema is good to see together with espresso but is not actually taste great. It is because of the brewing and crema is the result of CO2.

You might not want to ruin the first sip of your espresso so get a spoon and stir it.

STEP #4. Feel the moment while sipping it

No matter what happens never miss the gentle flow of this rich dark liquid on your tongue up to your stomach. The aroma and the flavor itself will give relaxation to so much stresses and pressures in everyday living.

It tastes bitter but not too much. Make sure to have the memorable moment you had with the espresso. After the facts, the health benefits, and steps to drink espresso has been tackled let us now see how is espresso different from a regular coffee.

This will finally help you to think if espresso is good for you.


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Difference Between Espresso and Coffee


  • The methods used in terms of brewing

So as to be made into coffee, the entire coffee bean must be ground. Most ground coffee is for blending in a home coffeemaker. In programmed trickled frameworks, the beans are ground to a medium coarseness. High-temperature water trickles onto the ground coffee and concentrates its pith through a channel.

Espresso is another fermenting technique. Exceptionally boiling water under tension is constrained through finely-ground compacted coffee for 20-30 seconds. The outcome is a refreshment that is thicker than ordinary coffee. Furthermore, foam is shaped on the head of the refreshment. This foam is called crema.

  • The amount of caffeine does this contains

Contingent upon the blend, some coffee contains 80-185mg of caffeine per run of the mill 8oz serving. A 2oz serving of espresso contains 60-100mg of caffeine. Per ounce, espresso does have more caffeine.

Nonetheless, as espresso is generally expended in a serving size of 2oz or the other hand less, a solitary serving of coffee, for the most part, conveys more caffeine than a solitary serving of espresso.

  • The size per serving

The normal serving size of some coffee is 8 ounces and the regular espresso serving size is 1 ounce. Regularly, espresso will be added to coffee. It is not phenomenal to signify three or four shots of espresso to some coffee, and espresso is the base for some beverages, for example, lattes, americanos, mocha cafes, and cappuccinos. Obviously, coffee may likewise be smashed alone without blending it into espresso or with milk.

  • The difference in flavor

Espresso is typically a mix of various beans giving a curbed sharpness, substantial body, and sweet parity to any severe flavors.

Coffee will in general do not have the full scope of flavors and oils present in the coffee beans as the paper sift channels through huge numbers of the regular oils, and the more extended preparing time may permit phytic and tannic acids which cover the alluring flavors to create.

  • The effects on health

The decision is still out on whether coffee is better or not for your drink. But both coffee and espresso contain magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

In any case, while espresso gives three folds the amount of magnesium in a one-ounce filling in as coffee gives in an 8oz serving, the common serving of coffee, and conveys more significant levels of calcium and potassium.

Caffeine can exasperate nervousness and raise the pulse and a portion of the oils discovered in coffee are supposed to be useful to the heart.

These are just a few things that show how coffee and espresso are different from each other. Then it will help you see the answer clearly in the question about if espresso is really good for you.


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Is espresso good for you

There is no denying that espresso coffee is actually one of the most popular drinks people have had before the various drinks became popular. Apart from its deliciousness it also became known for its other brewing methods.

Also because of the so-called perfect cup of espresso many happy consumers want to have its perfect cup. We have also seen that espresso provides so many health benefits that will help us to prevent serious physical illnesses and also mental aid to avoid depression.

We have also seen its adverse effects on the body when drinking is abused and exceeds the recommended amount. This can cause bigger problems. That is why drinking espresso has an associated responsibility where we must control and discipline ourselves to drink it.