Turkish coffee is one of the most famous coffee in the world. In fact, it is an important aspect of Turkish hospitality together with accessories, a glass of water, and Turkish delight.

Usually, this coffee is served in a small-sized white cup however the variety of Turkish culture as well as social traditions how Turkish coffee is served in various areas. If you’re wondering how to drink Turkish coffee like a sultan, then keep on reading.

In this article, you will learn how to properly drink this coffee so that you will be able to enjoy every sip of it. But aside from that, we will also include other information that will surely help you in understanding better what is Turkish coffee.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Turkish Coffee: What Exactly It Is?

Turkish coffee refers to the method of preparing coffee originated in European and Middle Eastern countries such as Greece, Turkey, and Iran.

Turkish coffee is made by combining water with coffee beans that are ground finely and bringing the liquid to a foamy stage, just below boiling.

Traditionally, it is brewed in a pot that is known as a cezve, but if you don’t have this kind of cup, you can use a small pot.

After the coffee reached the preferred stage, the coffee will be distributed to cups. The powder will sink to the bottom of the cup and the remaining liquid will be consumed.

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How to Make Turkish Coffee

how to drink Turkish coffee

Before we will show you how to drink Turkish coffee, it is important that you know how to make this kind of coffee.

Unfortunately, you cannot brew Turkish coffee using an old coffee maker. In fact, you will not only need a coffee maker but you will also need to make sure that coffee grounds are very fine. Read More: Top 10 Best Espresso Coffee Beans

The good news is that a lot of coffee shops and roasters can do this for you. If not, there are many durable and affordable coffee grinders out there.

But aside from the coffee grinder, you will need other materials such as:

  • Turkish Coffee
  • Spoon
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Turkish Grinder

Once you have all the needed materials, it is time to make your Turkish coffee. Listed below are the steps that you need to follow when making Turkish coffee.

  • Step 1

Pour your desired amount of water to your pot.

  • Step 2

Next, heat the pot in a medium heat until the water starts to heat up.

  • Step 3

Add one tablespoon of ground coffee it should be very fine for every 3 ounces of water. Make sure not to stir it.

  • Step 4

Add sugar to taste, but don’t stir yet.

  • Step 5

The moment the coffee starts to sink and the sugar starts to dissolve, turn the heat down to low and then stir it until you notice that foam is forming.

  • Step 6

When you notice that a ring starts to show, remove it from the heat temporarily or turn down the heat. Don’t allow the water to boil, but you need to keep heating it while stirring to make more foam. The foam will make your Turkish coffee tastes even better.

  • Step 5

As long as you can, keep the foaming phase going. If you see it starts to rise, then it is time to remove it from the heat.

Additional Tips for Making Turkish Coffee

If possible, use finely ground and fresh coffee and then manage the temperature. It is also important to not allow the coffee to boil, since this may overcook or overheat it, and you will need to start all over again.

Further, try to make as much foam as you can by stirring and at the same stirring. Lastly, don’t forget to leave a little foam that you can enjoy on top after pouring the coffee into your cup.

How to Drink Turkish Coffee

Here’s how to drink Turkish coffee like a sultan in the right way.

  • Step 1

Pour your Turkish coffee and prepare a separate glass of water.

  • Step 2

Wait for a minute to let the coffee grounds settle at the bottom.

  • Step 3

Before you take a sip, you need to cleanse your pallet by taking a sip of water.

  • Step 4

Sip your Turkish coffee slowly.

  • Step 4

Repeat the third and fourth steps until you finish everything in your cup.

Additional Tips for Drinking Turkish Coffee

  • When taking a sip, you need to be gentle so that you will not be able to disturb the coffee grounds that have settled at the bottom of the cup.
  • If you’re in a group, serve the elders first all the time.
  • Never stir your Turkish coffee.
  • Always served with water thus you cleanse the palate between your sips.
  • Don’t add milk, trust us you will not need it.
  • Usually, Turkish coffee drank after a meal. Unlike the majority of westerners who want their coffee in the morning, Turks love their coffee after lunch or a long breakfast. As a matter of fact, Turks at coffee as a good way to complete a meal, and not a start one. While that’s tradition it does not mean that you cannot order a coffee the first thing in the morning.
  • Take your time when drinking and enjoy your cup.
  • Decide how much sugar you want to add. As mentioned, the sugar is mixed in whole the Turkish coffee is brewed.

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What Are the Benefits of Turkish Coffee?

how to drink Turkish coffee

Now that you know how to drink Turkish coffee, let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking this variety of coffee.

  • It Has Essential Compounds

One of the best things about Turkish coffee is that it is unfiltered. In fact, it has better concentrations of helpful bioactive compounds. Furthermore, coffee beans come with beneficial compounds like chlorogenic acid, which is the antioxidant useful to health. For example,

this compound can improve high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and inflammation.

Studies showed that coffee especially those produced from finely ground coffee beans have greater amounts of chlorogenic acids. In addition to that, coffee has other potent compounds like diterpenoid that will promote heart health, decrease inflammation, and combat infection.

  • May Improve Athletic Performance

Caffeine is a natural and well-studied stimulant that can boost mental as well as athletic performance. Fortunately, Turkish coffee can highly concentrated doses of caffeine that may be beneficial to athletes. Read Here: Top 10 Best Starbucks Coffees

One study in twenty athletes found that those who drink caffeinated Turkish coffee experienced performance benefits like energy levels and reaction time than those who consumed decaffeinated Turkish coffee.

  • Reduces the Risk of Cancers

A study has shown that Turkish coffee may reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer in females by 25 percent and prostate cancer in males by 20 percent.

Caffeine, on the other hand, may inhibit evolving of basal cell carcinoma, one common type of skin cancer.

  • Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In the actual fact, morning coffee will not only make you energetic, but studies show that it can protect you from type II diabetes.

By consuming Turkish coffee, you will be able to increase the plasma levels of SBHG (sex hormone-binding globulin), it is a protein that is responsible in regulating the activities of estrogen and testosterone, both have been believed to a play a crucial role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

It is also thought that Turkish coffee can improve the tolerance of the body to glucose by improving sensitivity to insulin and boosting metabolism.

  • Protects the Liver

The liver plays a crucial role in our bodies. As a matter of fact, it is responsible for controlling hormone balance such as thyroid, cortisone, and other adrenal hormones.

Moreover, hepatitis can produce hormonal balances in common with chronic liver ailments like the fatty liver. Take note, studies show that drinking Turkish coffee regularly have a lower risk of liver dysfunction.

  • Protects the Brain

Another benefit of Turkish coffee is that can protect your brain and prevent various neurological ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.

One study in more than 29,000 people discovered that those who used Turkish coffee had a 27-percent reduced risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to that, other studies have shown that consumption of this coffee can reduce the risk of dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

  • The Cardamom Present in this Coffee Can Offer Benefits

Most of the time, Turkish coffee is prepared using cardamom. If you’re not familiar with this stuff, it is a delicious spice that can offer a lot of health benefits.

As a matter of fact, cardamom comes with a potent antioxidant that can help in decreasing inflammation and the risks of chronic diseases.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Drinking Turkish Coffee?

how to drink Turkish coffee

While Turkish can offer health benefits, it also has some possible side effects. Most of the time, it is sweetened using sugar that can have negative health effects.

While drinking a cup of sweetened Turkish coffee occasionally won’t damage your health, regular consumption of any sugar drink might boost your risk of various health problems like improved concentrations of triglycerides and obesity.

With that in mind, make sure that you drink Turkish coffee without adding sugar to prevent ingesting too sugar.

On the other hand, the high content of caffeine is another drawback of this coffee. But some people who are prone to the effects of caffeine might experience anxiety as well as sleep disruption.

In addition to that, Turkish coffee can increase blood pressure. So, those with high blood pressure may prevent this, particularly a strong coffee.

In due course, Turkish coffee, as well as other unfiltered coffee, has cafestol, a diterpenoid that may increase the levels of triglyceride and blood cholesterol. But this is due to sleep deprivation.

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How Strong Turkish Coffee Is?

Because of the unfiltered brewing method of putting the coffee in water, Turkish coffee tastes very strong. In fact, it is one reason why it is typically served with water.

It is a traditional and delicacy beverage and its rich and powerful flavor is perfect to be enjoyed and sipped.

What Makes Turkish Coffee Special?

When it comes to strength and thickness, Turkish coffee is unique. Take note, no filters are utilized in brewing this coffee. Also, Turkish coffee is brewed with sugar rather than adding it later.

Traditionally, this coffee is served with a glass of separate water to cleanse the palate after every sip. The reason for this is that Turkish coffee is very strong.

Aside from the taste, another thing that makes it special is that Turkish coffee is a brewing method for coffer that arrived in the mid-1500s in Istanbul. It becomes a tradition for several ceremonies.

How Many Calories Are In Turkish Coffee?

The answer to this question is that it will depend on the amount of sugar you are adding since Turkish coffee itself has almost zero calories. But as a general rule of thumb, a teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories.

How Much Caffeine Is in Turkish Coffee?

The caffeine content of Turkish content will depend on the amount of coffee you are drinking. However, a decent estimated number is 25mg of caffeine for every ounce of coffee. For example, if you drink a two-ounce serving, that is 50 mg of caffeine for every serving.


Highly caffeinated and rich, Turkish is actually enjoyed in many different countries all over the world.

This coffee, on the other hand, is unfiltered meaning to say it has higher concentrations of caffeine as well as other beneficial compounds that can offer various health advantages.

The best part about this coffee is that learning how to drink Turkish coffee like a sultan in simple. What’s more, you can brew it from the comfort of your own home.

Nevertheless, whether you find yourself in Istanbul or simply want to have a high-quality bean grinder at your disposal, this coffee is perfect for you.