Drowsy, you brew an aromatic cup of joe. Pour it in your favorite mug, then go about your daily morning routine for a few minutes.

Finally, you can take the first sip of the day but…Your coffee went cold. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t how you want to start your day.

We all need a hot cup in the morning that hits the spot, especially during a chilly winter morning when you’re about to face a cold day ahead. Read Here: Top 10 Best Coffee Thermoses

If only you knew some ways to keep coffee hot. Fortunately, we can teach you the various ways to keep coffee hot for longer, without the risk of your great-tasting cup of joe tasting like ..


But first, let’s bust some myths about keeping your freshly brewed coffee warm.

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Keeping Your Coffee Hot: 4 Myths Busted

Ways to Keep Coffee Hot

Use Hot Plate

A hot plate is somewhat similar to a portable stove. It can have either gas-powered or electric heating element.

Hot plates are indeed great for reheating food, but not so much for your cup of joe.

Hot plates use direct heat. Thus, it can produce high temperatures that can take a coffee gone cold to scalding hot.

So, why is this a problem?

Well, it can over-extract your coffee and give you a bitter-tasting cup of joe that will worsen your bad mood.

Into The Microwave

The microwave is probably the most convenient re-heating machine you have in your kitchen. And sure, you can just put your cup in, a few buttons pushed and ta-da, a smoky, hot cup of coffee.

But, hey, it doesn’t stop there! Coffee is like a one-time use kind of a deal. Reheating your coffee reorganizes its chemical makeup and totally ruins its flavor profile.

In addition, a microwave uses radiation. Thus, your coffee’s temperature will end up uneven. You can get a heated-up coffee that is steamy on top, but still cold everywhere else.

Not only that, a microwaved cup of coffee also leaves that burnt-coffee aftertaste.


Try Candle Warmer

Candle warmers are specifically designed for scented candles. Duh? But hey, that plate is just the right size for most mugs and cups. So, since it can heat up candles, then it might as well heat up my morning beverage, right?

Yeah, sure. But it does so as a hot plate. So, yes, it can take your coffee from dreary cold to piping hot and bitter.

Keep It In The Carafe

If you have no idea what a carafe is, it’s just the pot sitting in a coffee maker, catching coffee drips while it is being brewed. Now, your carafe may have all the right elements for brewing coffee, however, keeping it there so that it stays hot is a misconception.

Instead, it can give you an over-extracted cup of coffee, leaving a drying effect on your mouth and without all those rich coffee flavors you’re looking for. Not really how you want your brew to turn out.

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Now, that we have cleared the coffee-warming misconceptions, it is time to learn about the most effective ways to keep coffee hot for longer, without actually messing its flavor and turning it into a bitter cup that can worsen your mood.

Ways to Keep Coffee Hot

Scarf Wrap (Or Wrap Just About Any Thick Piece of Fabric)

Since you do not usually drive to work with a reliable heating source, keeping your favorite coffee hot when you are on the move can be a big challenge.

However, you can use a scarf, a clean sock, or jacket to wrap around your mug or cup. It acts as a kind of insulation that keeps the heat where it should be.

This also works when you’re outdoors, for instance, when camping. Most people will carry some kind of thick fabric when camping.

Take note, however, that it does not offer long-lasting heat. It should at least keep your cup of coffee warm enough to be a pleasant drink for an hour or less.

If you’re trying to keep your coffee hot for hours, then this might not be the best method we have for you. However, if you only want to keep your cup hot long enough to finish it without having to sip into iced coffee, then this should do the trick.

Get a Cup Sleeve

Cups sleeves are a nifty and cheap way to keep your favorite morning coffee warmer for longer. It acts as an insulator which keeps the heat in your cup while keeping it cool to the touch.

Cup sleeves are made of cloth of paper. Most coffee shops, like Starbucks, use cup sleeves in order to protect your hands from scalding while also maintaining the right temperature of your coffee.

The problem with cup sleeves, however, is that it is made from paper which is just as bad for the environment as the Styrofoam cups. And although they may seem recyclable, they’re actually not.

In addition, cup sleeves that are made from cloth can let off a few pieces of string which can stick to your hands or clothing.

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, then we suggest other ways to keep coffee hot for longer.

Invest on The Insulated, Heavy-Duty, Expensive Travel Mug or Thermos

This is probably the best way to keep coffee hot for the longest possible. You can purchase these coffee mugs or thermos at almost any store.

Some can be pretty expensive going over $20 – $30. However, if you’re serious about keeping your coffee hot for hours or even the whole day, then these mugs or thermoses are worth it.

Most coffee mugs or thermos rely on double- or triple-wall construction. Each space between walls is vacuum-sealed for best temperature retention, keeping your coffee warm for hours end. Read Here: Top 10 Best Coffee Thermoses

The cheaper ones, on the other hand, do not usually keep your coffee warm all day long as the expensive, however, they can still come in handy if you’re only looking to keep your coffee warm for a few hours.

These mugs and thermoses work best for traveling thanks to their sturdy and lightweight construction, allowing you to carry them around.

Get a Coffee Mug or Cup With a Lid

Typically, home mugs don’t have lids. However, a lid included in travel cups can also fit perfectly onto your favorite mug.

This lid can keep the heat from escaping the mug from the top. Just makes sure that the lid tightly fits around the mug in order to avoid spill mess.

If the lid doesn’t stay in place, then you might end up burning yourself from spills caused by a bumpy ride or when going up stairs or bumping into people.

Plus, your boss might not appreciate you walking into the office with coffee stains on your shirt. So, if, and only if, you have a lid that fits your favorite mug, then definitely try this.

Preheat Your Mug or Cup

Another way to keep coffee hot without risking its flavor is by preheating your cup or mug.

Fill your cup with boiling water. Let it sit for at least a minute in order to get the right temperature to spread throughout. When the water cools down, throw it away, or put it back in the kettle.

Then pour your freshly brewed cup of coffee. The already-warm mug should be able to keep your coffee warmer for longer.

Take note, however, that even though it keeps your coffee warm, the heat the flows through the cup can also make the exterior hot.

Try a Cup Warmer For Your Car

You can also get an electric mug or cup warmer for your car. Most warmers can fit the size of a standard thermal mug or takeout cup.

These cup warmers utilize heating coils the same way that electrical kettles do. The only problem is that most outlets will require your car to be up and running.

So, say you stop at a gas station and turned off your car, then your warmer also shut down, with your coffee cooling down until it’s turned back on again.

Give Metal Coffee Beans A Try

These metal beans are also called Coffee Joulies.

You immerse your coffee in this metal beans and then absorb the heat. They get your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature and keeping it at that temperature for longer.

You might be thinking that using metal coffee beans can give your coffee a metallic taste. No, they won’t. These stainless-steel shells only absorb heat and keep your beverage at the perfect temperature.

Worried about swallowing them? Well, they are the size of soup spoons, so you don’t have to worry.

To make them more effective, you can preheat them, so that can keep your coffee hotter for longer.

Use The Right Size

If you’re brewing small pots of coffee, even if it’s insulated, it will cool down much faster due to the excess air inside.

The size of the pot may not seem important, but if you want to keep your coffee hot for longer, then you should take this into consideration.

Using pots that are too big holds more air than liquid, thus, the coffee doesn’t stay hot as long as the smaller pots.

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Ways to Keep Coffee Hot

AS you can see, there are various ways to keep coffee hot for longer. However, some methods are better than the rest since they can preserve temperature for longer.

In general, wrapping or pre-heating your coffee mug or cup would keep your coffee warm until you finish your morning routine or until you cooked breakfast for the whole family.

However, if you are looking to keep your coffee warm for the whole day, then you need to invest in the more expensive thermoses or travel mugs with heavy-duty insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does water temperature affect my coffee?

A: Water temperature can affect the taste of the coffee since it has a direct impact on its extraction process.

During the extraction process, the acids, oils, and other compounds inside the coffee beans are drawn out by the hot water, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee.

Brewing coffee at the right temperature means that coffee soluble is dissolved and released into your cup. Too cold and you will have a flavorless coffee. Too hot and you will burn your coffee grounds, resulting in a bitter cup.

Q: How hot should my coffee be?

A: The ideal drinking temperature of coffee should be at 150 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can I refrigerate my leftover coffee?

Yes, you can.

Q: How long can I refrigerate my leftover coffee?

A: You can refrigerate it for up to 1 week, given that you store it in an airtight container. As most drinks though, coffee is prone to oxidation, meaning it can go bad pretty quickly.

Leaving the coffee in the refrigerator causes it to lose its flavor profile and freshness.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

No one wants to sip on a pale, gone-cold cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Unless you’re enjoying a nice cup of iced coffee during the hot summer, you probably want to make sure that your favorite cup of joe stays nice and warm until the last drop.

The above tips and ways to keep coffee hot should help prevent you from having a bad mood early in the morning and allow you to enjoy a piping hot coffee to energize you the whole day.

Do you have your own ways to keep coffee hot for hours?

Share it with the community by commenting below. We love to hear about it as we are always looking for innovative and creative ways to keep our favorite cup of joe warm and enjoyable.

If you find this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

Until then, have a warm and energizing day!