Pure Leaf iced teas are unique among many flavored teas. This tea brand is now well known and loved for its smooth flavor and incredible benefits.

On a hectic day, there is nothing better than a cold glass of a refreshing drink. But most refreshing drinks are not good for your health whereas Pure Leaf Iced tea is beneficial for your health as it is for your refreshment.

This classic drink is very easy to make, it even comes in bottles so you can use it directly and it is an endlessly adaptable drink.

This amazingly adventurous drink comes in different types of brewing options according to your taste. You can also select for the flavor or sweetness options according to your requirements.

Here is all you need to know about the Pure Leaf iced tea, its history, methods of brewing, and benefits for using this amazingly refreshing and hydrating drink. But before, let’s take a quick look at our top 10 best Pure Leaf iced teas collection list.

Top 10 Best Pure Leaf Iced Teas

  • Brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest, never from powder or concentrate
  • No artificial sweeteners or added color.Beverage container material: Plastic
  • Unsweetened iced tea
  • 0 calories per bottle
  • Includes twelve 18.5 ounce bottles
  • Pure Leaf Peach Iced Tea, 16.9 ounce Pack of 6
  • Includes 12 (18.5oz) bottles of Pure Leaf Subtly Sweet Peach Lower Sugar Iced Tea
  • 85% Less Sugar Than Pure Leaf Sweet Tea
  • Real Brewed Tea; No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors
  • 5 Grams of Sugar Per Bottle
  • 20 Calories Per Bottle
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified, Sustainably Sourced Tea
  • Unsweetened green tea iced tea
  • Real leaf-brewed iced tea
  • No preservatives, artificial colour or flavoring
  • 18.5oz bottle
  • Pure Leaf 100% Organic matcha is sourced from the Kagoshima region of Japan
  • This culinary Grade matcha powder is ideal for use in matcha lattes. It can also be used in smoothies and delicious baking recipes
  • Our organic matcha is grown sustainably. We source our matcha from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea gardens that adhere to strict standards of sustainability
  • We use the finest Tenaha green leaves from shade-grown Japanese tea plants, specifically cultivated for strong aroma and great taste
  • With origins in Buddhist tea ceremonies, matcha green tea is traditionally whisked to preserve its subtle flavor
  • Premium USDA certified organic tea leaves
  • Brewed organic black tea, organic cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavor, brewed organic lemon peel
  • No artificial sweeteners or added color
  • Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle flavor; Only 90 calories per bottle
  • 14 ounce glass bottles, 8 count
  • Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Real Brewed Black Tea, 16.9 Ounce Bottles, 12 Count
  • Pure Leaf
  • TEA
  • One, 64 Fl oz Plastic Bottle
  • 0 Calories
  • pure, delicious and refreshing fresh brewed taste.
  • One, 64 Fl oz Plastic Bottle
  • 100 Calories per 12oz serving
  • pure, delicious and refreshing fresh brewed taste.
  • Product Type:Tea
  • Brewed From Real Tea Leaves Picked At Their Freshest, Never From Powder Or Concentrate
  • Pure Leaf Tea Is Brewed In The Usa With No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Includes 6 (16.9Oz) Bottles

History of the Leaf iced tea

If we take a look at the history of the tea, we can see that it has been there since the 18th century. But for evolving to iced tea, it took many years. Here is all about the history of the tea, iced tea, and Pure Leaf iced tea.

Commercial production of tea

In 1795, the first place in the US to commercially produce the tea plants was South Carolina. This started when a French explorer imported the tea plant. That was planted at the Middleton Place Gardens.

Evolving from hot tea to iced tea

In the 19th century, there were a lot of recipes that included serving cold tea. Those started from making a punch of liquor and green tea in the early 19th century. There is a recipe in a book published in 1879 where it is told to serve the tea with ice in the glass.

The first recipe that tells the right method of making the iced tea is however found in a book published in 1884. This book tells to cool the tea before serving it.

The late 19th century and early 20th century was the time when iced tea got popular. This is because it was considered to be a good refreshing drink for the hot summer days.

History of Pure Leaf

As the iced tea gained a lot of popularity because of its benefits, many companies started to sell it in bottled form. Almost all of them were selling the tea that was not tea at all. They were selling concentrates.

In 2012 PepsiCo launched Pure Leaf under Lipton that is already owned by PepsiCo. Pure Leaf was launched by a partnership between PepsiCo and Unilever.

As their goal was to provide pure tea without anything artificial added to it, they gained a very good customer base in no time.

The main reason for their gaining popularity was that other sellers were providing tea-flavored drinks that were made with concentrates. On the other hand, Pure Leaf provided originally brewed tea. They also called their tea the only premium brewed tea.

How is the Pure Leaf iced tea made?

Best Pure Leaf Iced Teas

Production of the Pure Leaf iced teas is a very interesting process. It includes professionals in every field of work from trained pickers to tea masters.

The very first thing included in the production of iced tea is the tea leaves. The quality, the fragrance and the taste of the tea depend a lot on the quality and origin of the tea leaves.

This is the process of the production of the premium iced tea from the plants to the end where it meets your lips.

Origin of the tea

Pure Leaf is the brand for iced tea that you can trust. To maintain the trust of its valued customers, some of the best locations in the whole world are selected.

This enables them to make tea blends that use tea leaves from all different parts of the world. Mixing tea leaves from different parts of the world allows them to get new taste and fragrance in the tea.

Handpicked fresh and best tea leaves

This is another factor that is known to increase the quality of their tea. In the fields for picking the tea leaves, there are only professionals at work.

Another thing is that they only handpick the best leaves in terms of size and freshness. This ensures that their customers get best-iced tea.

Tea leaves are rolled and dried

After the tea leaves are socially handpicked, the leaves are rolled and dried in a special method. This allows the tea leaves to get better fragrance and taste when they are brewed.

Crafted with the best ingredients

Once the tea leaves are ready for the production of the Pure Leaf iced teas, the workflow is shifted to their tea masters. Their job is to inspect the tea leaves from all different regions and places.

As they test the tea, they make different blends. These blends provide different flavors to the tea. Another thing that is happening here is that the tea masters select different things to give the tea a little flavor.

These things are:

  • Fruits for adding flavor.
  • Pure sugar or syrup for sweetening.

This is the part where it is decided whether the blend of tea will be organic, sweetened, unsweetened, or other.

Types of the Pure Leaf iced tea

To give your day a boost of refreshment, the Pure Leaf iced teas come in many types. These types are then divided into more subtypes depending upon their characteristics.

These categories are:

  • Differentiated on the type of packing
  • Differentiated by the flavors and other characteristics.

Based on the type of packing

The first type of Pure Leaf iced teas is mainly differentiated based on the brewing method and type of packing. This has two further types that are the bottled iced tea and the tea bags.

Fresh brew iced tea (tea bags)

If you get the tea bags of the iced tea, you have to freshly brew that tea. After brewing the tea, you need to add it to chilled or icy water. This makes the tea iced.

This type of tea needs to be sweetened as well so you can use any sweetener according to your preferences. The brewing process can be a little advantage for the people who want to make their recipes of the iced tea.

Bottled iced tea

Bottled Pure Leaf iced teas are the main attraction for most of the people. This is because here you get a perfect blend that is ready to be used.

This can be a very time-saving item for the people who are always in a hurry. On the other hand, all the recipes are also exceptional as each of them are specially made by their tea masters.

Based on their characteristics

If we differentiate the teas depending on their characteristics, there are many types and subtypes for each type. These are mentioned below.

Organic iced tea

The organic iced tea is made with the specially chosen tea leaves by the tea masters. The process continues with no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners added. This is their most powerful type of tea with all-natural flavors.

Real brew iced tea

The real brew iced tea is also specially crafted by their skilled tea masters. Here, they use different tea leaves to make a unique blend. This is then flavored by using natural flavors and sweeteners. As nothing artificial is added in this tea, it enhances the flavor of this tea.

Cold-brew iced tea

Another method of brewing the tea for giving it the smoothest feel with the touch of flavor is the cold brewing. Here the tea is brewed at colder temperatures for longer periods to ensure that the customer fully enjoys its flavor.

Herbal Iced tea with no caffeine

They also make the iced tea with no caffeine in it. Their tea masters specifically create this blend of iced tea with the dried herbs like chamomile and hibiscus. The use of herbs and natural flavors make this tea caffeine free so that you can enjoy this tea all day long.

Some other characteristics

These are some characteristics that are present in almost every type of Pure Leaf iced teas.

  • Flavors: The teas are made in different flavors. All of them are natural extracts of fruits and other things that produce the exquisite taste in the tea.
  • Sweetener: The sweet tea is sweetened using only pure sugar or syrup. This enhanced the quality of iced tea.

Materials used in the production of iced tea

Best Pure Leaf Iced Teas

Being one of the best iced teas in the world, Pure Leaf iced teas have some standards and set of rules that are followed in their production. Some of these standards and materials used in the production are described below in detail.

Best quality tea leaves

The tea masters know this fact well that the taste and punch of the tea depends on the leaves. Due to this, the tea leaves from different parts of the world like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, and India are specially handpicked.

These tea leaves then undergo a special process for making the best iced tea.

Orthodox rolling tables

This is another thing that affects the taste and the fragrance of the iced tea. The orthodox rolling tables roll the tea leaves for a specific amount of time assigned by the tea masters.

During this rolling process, the fragrance and aroma of the tea leaves are enhanced. At the same time, the leaves are efficiently dried by traditional methods followed by the automated tables. This makes the taste of tea rich.

Natural flavors

This is a major detail that helps the Pure Leaf iced tea come on the top of the best teas list. As this is the motto of their company that nothing artificial or extra will be used, they use only natural flavors.

They select some fruits for their natural extracts for giving flavors to their tea. Using natural flavors improves the flavor of their tea and makes it premium quality.

Natural sweeteners

For sweetening the Pure Leaf iced teas, no artificial sweeteners are used. The tea masters only add pure sugar or sweetener syrup to their tea.

This makes their tea sweet and keeps it light enough to be enjoyed all day long.

Tips to use the Pure Leaf iced tea

Here are some tips that you might need when you use the Pure Leaf iced tea. These tips can enhance your experience of using this iced tea.

Always serve chilled

Other than being a tea, iced tea is made to serve the purpose of a refreshing drink. This drink is also very hydrating because it is almost 100% water.

The best way to consume this amazingly refreshing drink is to use it chilled. The type and flavor of your iced tea do not matter here. If it is served chilled, the taste appears to be a lot more appealing.

Using pure water

Whenever you are using water, either for making ice or for brewing the tea bags of iced tea. Make sure that you use pure water.

This can make the taste of your iced tea better because pure water does not have a salty taste like some tap water. This allows the tea to express its taste in a much better way.

This makes their tea sweet and keeps it light enough to be enjoyed all day long.

Adding flavors of your choice

If you like to get the plain iced tea and then add your recipe flavor. Then you must make sure of these things. You must always use natural flavors. You must always use natural sweeteners.

This is because artificial things can rip your experience of the iced tea. Some artificial flavors are not good for your health as well. That is why you must always try to use the natural ingredients in your iced tea to get better flavor.

Detailed brewing method of the iced tea

The brewing method for the production of the Pure Leaf iced teas can be divided into many steps starting from the leaf of tea to the perfect blend. All of the steps are covered here:

Picking the tea leaves

This is the first step. The tea masters from all over the world pick the best leaves. These leaves are called best based on their size and freshness.

These factors later define the quality and the taste of the tea, so they are carefully selected. For getting the best leaves from all around the world, Pure Leaf has its partners all over the world.

Preparing the leaves for brewing

The next step that comes in this process is where the leaves are prepared for making the tea. The leaves are dried in special rolling tables that enhance the taste and fragrance of the tea.

At the same time, these tables make the size of the leaf small by rolling. This makes them for further processing.


At this stage, the tea leaves are ready to be used. The team of tea masters selects different leaves and brews their samples. Those samples are then tested. By testing each of the samples the tea masters create a special blend of the iced tea.

Sweetening and Flavoring

Once the blend of tea is decided, the tea masters select natural flavors and sweetening agents for adding the flavor to the tea. For adding flavor to the tea fresh fruits are used to make extracts from them.

For the sweeteners, pure sugar and syrup are used. After these steps, the batches are made, and they are packed and shipped.

Reasons to use the Pure Leaf tea

Best Pure Leaf Iced Teas

There can be a million reasons why you should use a specific product. These reasons are sometimes the benefits of using the product. Here we will tell you some amazing facts about the Pure Leaf iced teas and why you should also use them.


The first thing that most people find in any product they buy is its quality. To make sure that they provide the best possible quality of their customers, Pure Leaf has partners all over the globe.

These partners help them to get the best tea leaves from all regions of the world. Their special rolling and brewing process also make the quality of their iced tea exceptionally amazing.


If we compare the prices of Pure Leaf iced teas with some other iced teas, we might see that there is not a huge difference between their prices. But there is a big difference between them when it comes to the quality.

As the quality of Pure Leaf iced teas is a lot better, this makes up for the price. In theory, it might not seem a cheap option, but the quality of Pure Leaf iced teas make it a lot better.

This is because some other brands are providing low-quality iced teas at almost the same prices.


It is an obvious thing that when something is made using premium quality products, the taste is better than anything.

The same is the case with this tea. The tea they make using the best tea leaves can be the best iced tea that you can get in terms of taste and health benefits as well.

No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors, nothing extra added in the tea. To provide the best iced tea, the tea masers at Pure Leaf believe that they can do the best by using everything natural and not using any kind of artificial flavors.

Furthermore, they don’t add anything extra in their iced tea that makes it the purest brewed iced tea that you can get.

Grab one on the go.

Consider that you are having a very hectic day. You have no time to spare to buy something refreshing. Any kind of fresh and healthy juice will take time. But the iced tea from Pure Leaf takes no time because it is available in bottles.

Technically it is one of the best drinks for your health that are available in bottle packing. Another feature is that it is available in many different flavors and options. So, you can never get bored of this incredibly beneficial drink.

Other benefits:

Apart from its technical benefits, there are some other benefits as well. Most of them are concerned with your health.

Some of them are:

  • Best way to keep your hydration flavorful.
  • A healthy alternative for carbonated drinks.
  • Removes stress.
  • Improves heart health.
  • Better digestion as it is not at all heavy on your digestive system.
  • Good for your teeth because no bad or artificial sweeteners are used.

With all of these benefits, this is the drink that you can trust because of this premium quality and valuable health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some questions that are asked by most of the customers. We have answered them for your convenience.

Can I store this iced tea?

Yes, it is possible to store the iced tea if you are using tea bags. Then it can be stored for 3 to 4 days in the fridge. In the case of bottled tea, you can store it till its expiry date without opening it.

Are there any side effects of using iced tea?

Excess of everything is bad. If we use this refreshing rink up to a limit, it can be beneficial for our bodies. If overused, it can cause many health issues.

Is this tea safe for pregnant women?

As there are no artificial flavors, extracts, or powders used. This tea is safe but if misused, it can cause several complications.

How much iced tea can one person take in one day?

You can check the nutrition facts of the tea. Then you can calculate it according to your diet and how much you should use.

Do we need to add anything to the tea?

It depends on your needs. The tea is made to be used as it is because it is a complete product. If you want to add flavor or sweetener, you can do this, but it is not necessary.

Final Words

This was all about the refreshing iced teas, with this addition to your knowledge, we hope that you can enhance the experience of the iced tea in a better way.

The information about its history, materials, and brewing methods can also be your backup knowledge for a warm discussion with a friend.